You are already one step ahead of most people out there.
If you want to stay in business and remain attractive to your market then...
The Day to Start Building an 
Online Presence is Today! 

97 euro only!

You are not alone, trust me!
Let me ask you:

The idea of seeing yourself on video makes you shiver?

Plus, you don't like the sound of you voice? 

Then, you are not sure if people will listen to you in the first place?

Welcome to the world of the brave and bold!

If you want to grow your business, position yourself as an expert, make an impact out there, you better set yourself to come out from your comfortable (really?) background and stand up, show up and speak up!

The good news? I'll help you through the process. My promise to you! 😉
Tomorrow Is Procrastination In Disguise
You came to the 3 Steps to Create a Solid & Sustainable Online Presence 3-Day Webinar Series for a reason. 

I know you are taking valuable information with you after it (because I made sure you would benefit from it). However, as my mentor wisely told me one day "knowledge is nothing without execution!"


No matter how much effort I put in preparing you to the online world through this 3-Day Webinar Series, if you don't take action IMMEDIATELY, everything will fade away...


Well, life goes on. It is human nature to avoid changes, and keep going "as is" for as long as possible.

Is that you?

I sincerely hope not. We are living a very special moment. 
There is no such thing as "going back to normal". The "new normal" requires us to be present online. Therefore, the sooner you have your "face" out there, with a clear message which is aligned with your values, beliefs, and your brand, the better for you, for your career, for your business.

I can only say that I'll support you to create the foundation for a solid and sustainable online presence which will allow you to build your brand, your expertise, in a systematic, consistent and effective way. 

I'll give you the wings, so you can fly!

However, the decision is yours.

I truly hope you take the most of this time, and say YES to yourself. 
Yes, to yourself, not to me, really. I'm already there, I have already started many years ago.

On that note, I'll be looking forward to welcoming you in the Ultimate Blueprint for a Solid & Sustainable Online Presence 4-Week Program.

Remember: Your voice matters, your stories need to be told!
But now, let me tell you a story...
Many, many years ago, I decided to open a YouTube account to talk to the Brazilian people around the world.
Although it seems obvious that when you are online you are reaching globally, I believe that when we are recording our videos and posting them, we have in the mindset of "hoping that at least one person" will watch it.
Fact is, even if the online world tells us that we are connected, there are many, many times that we feel that we are talking to the wall...
However, I can tell you, that from my experience, there is always someone listening...

And this is what happened to me.

Years ago, while living in Switzerland, I interviewed a Brazilian friend of mine for my Brazilian YouTube Channel (by the way, if you want to check it, it is called Tertulia com Tulia 😉) with no bigger intention. I just wanted to share experiences. 

She, Gisela Rocha, a choreographer with international presence, who had left Brazil several years before our talk, was sharing with me all the challenges she faced being a foreigner, single mother, in the conservative Switzerland.
We had a great time together, and our interview was quite long (you can check it here if you speak Portuguese), but, above all, we had a good time, and that was what I was looking for at that moment in time.

Let's fast forward 8 years, to the time that I had already left Switzerland and moved to Germany. 
I kept many good clients and students in Zurich (still do) and during one of my visits to Zurich I met a Brazilian woman, Yara, who happened to be from my home city in Brazil (I don't believe in coincidences... but this is for another story) and, she recognised me from that video!!! Isn't it AMAZING!

Plus, listen to this, she told me, "Tulia, that video that you recorded with Gisela, I sent to my nephew who was moving to Dublin, Ireland, because I thought that the experiences you were sharing there could help him to get by on his own. And it did! He told me, that he felt supported with your stories, and he understood that he was not alone..."  

Jaw dropping, right?

So, this proves the power of having an online presence

Since then, even when I feel I'm talking to the walls, I remind myself that beyond the walls there is at least one person listening. Don't forget that.

Your voice is needed!
Here is what i'm offering to you!
A 4-Week Program which will take you from the background to the foreground so you can show up and share your message to the world

97 euro ONLY

Here is what you will get...
4-Week Program
This is a 4-week hands-on program, where you will be asked to fulfil specific tasks in order to lay the foundation for a solid and sustainable online presence.

For every week, there is a video explaining what are the steps you have to take, and what are the tasks you have to fulfil that week.

At the end of this training you will have done everything that is needed to take your first step to BE online, and will have recorded your video for your YouTube channel. 

Even if you have already done some video recordings, this training can give you extra tips on how to bring them a step further.

And hey, if you are brave and bold, send your video to me and I'll be happy to give you my feedback.
It is all about your message, and how clear it is.
and here is my extra push to make it happen to you!
Super Cool Bonus #1 
(Worth 297 euros):
--from Seat to Speak 7-Day Challenge--
Here is why I am giving you this program as a bonus... 

As much as I want you to succeed, I need to make sure you have the tools you need to achieve the goals we will set together.

The 7-Day Challenge will give you the foundations to find, own and unleash your voice. That will speed up your process to be ready to go online.

In short, I'm helping you, in order to help myself. 
In other words, I'm giving you a solid content that will help you to craft your message so you some ready when you sign up to the Ultimate Blueprint to Create a Solid & Sustainable Online Presence. 😉

There is more.

Super Cool Bonus #2
3 steps to create a Solid & sustainable online presence 3-Day webinar series recording

The exclusive access to the recording of the 3-Day Webinar Series you have just attended so you can get back to it to refresh your memory when you fell like. 

Plus this
Super Cool Bonus #3

this is something you can have in your sleeves
Super Cool Bonus #4
Words Communicate Differently 
Depending on The Audience
This Is from me to you! 
Is that a deal?
Go for it. take action now.
This is a one time offer!
This is My "Out Of My Mind" 
Money Back Guarantee
If, for any reason, After having done everything i ask you to, 
you realise that you didn't achieve the results you expected, 
I will give you your money back!

I will be honoured to take you through this journey to Establish 
a solid & sustainable online presence 
Your Voice is needed!
To conclude, thank you for being with me through this 3-Day Webinar Series on How to Create a Solid & Sustainable Online Presence
I do hope we continue this journey together, because I know, there is so much out there that you can benefit from once you know it, however, the decision is yours.

Remember, your voice matters, your story needs to be told, there is someone, somewhere, that needs to hear what YOU, only you, have to say. So he/she can take that step that will change his/her life forever...

You are an agent of transformation. Believe it!

All the blessings,

-Tulia Lopes
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