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If I would've known this before, it would've saved me years of desperation and frustration...
It Is Not What You Say, 
It Is How, When and To Whom!
How To Wake Up The Speaker Genius Inside You

Whether you are a business owner, coach, corporate professional, expert or speaker, 
Your success is measured by how well you get your message across

Speaking is Key to Your Success!
Imagine... you have an amazing idea, something you know can make a real difference in the lives of many, something that can move your project to the next level, something that will help your team to get more engaged... however... when you get in front of people, all your amazing ideas seem to vanish and you are not able to express yourself clearly. You feel stuck, you feel even embarrassed and upset with yourself for the lost opportunity... 

You are not alone.

Unfortunately, most of us don't learn throughout our lives how to communicate effectively. So when we become adults, professionals, and we have to express our views, whether at work or at home or with friends, we are confronted with the nervousness and frustration resulted from the lack of skills on how to come across in a clear and concise way.

The problem is, no matter how good you are in what you do, if you don’t get your message across, you won’t reach far. 

Effective communication is key to your success in all areas in life. And communication in the form of public speaking is nowadays a MUST if you want to:
  • Bring visibility to your business
  • ​Propel your career
  • ​Position yourself as an expert
  • ​Become an influencer
  • ​Build top quality relationships at all levels

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, coach, in the corporate ladder, you can't afford to ignore it. You can't continue living in the shadow of others, you MUST shine your light. For that, you MUST master your communication and speaking skills.

Ok, you might say, "nah... I don't want to become a speaker..."
And I tell you, "it is not about becoming a speaker". It is about the fact that you are communicating (verbally and non-verbally) all the time, every single day. Therefore, the better you do it, the better you master it, the better will be the quality of your life. Trust me on this!

And I’m here to show you how.

I have put my decade of experience in a 7-step process called From Seat to Speak 7-Day Challenge which covers all the aspects you need to know in order to wake up the speaker genius inside of you.

This easy and hands-on step-by-step process will show you the fundamental elements needed to craft a message which will HOOK your audience in the first bait; being them your potential client, your current clients, your boss, your team, whoever you are talking to. 
You will also learn how to map the stage and anchor the key points of your message in the audience's mind, so you keep them engage with you from the beginning to the end.
And, if you are considering going PRO, I'll share with you some key strategies about how to get there.

No matter what is your activity or business, you are in a "people's business". Therefore, your success,  the success of your business or your career depends on how well you communicate with everyone around you. 

What's your story? What do you love? What is the legacy you want to leave in this world?

Whether you are already giving presentations or talks, or both, this training will help you to boost your skills even further. And, if you are a beginner, someone willing to share your message to the world, it will help you to get started.

If you love helping people and you love yourself, you will find it in your heart to go on this journey with me today. A quick and easy 7-Day process to move you from your Seat to Speak with confidence and authenticity.


From Seat to Speak 7-Day Challenge

  • From Seat to Speak 7 Day Online Challenge  (297 euros)
  • Speak Up Network 12-Month Membership (240 euros)
  • ​Amazing Bonus How Women Decide Video Series (Free)
  • ​Amazing Bonus Effective Presentation Tips (Free)
  • Amazing Bonus Words That Connect Compilation (Free)

Total Value 537 euros

NOW 97 euros

Easier Said Than Done!
If you really believe in what you do, if you really believe you have an important message to share, if you really believe your voice matters, if you really want to succeed, if you really want to create an impact, then…
Let's get started TODAY!

I'll show you how.

My mentor once told me, “knowledge is good, but execution is everything”
Many people acquire knowledge constantly but are never ready to get started. They are never ready to implement what they learned. They are always looking for more information.
The truth is, most people are afraid of change. So, procrastination keeps them in their comfort zone. 
And they continue telling (lying to) themselves that they need more knowledge, instead of taking that first step that “might” change their lives.
If that is you, stop this NOW!
The best day for you start improving your life, pursuing your dreams is TODAY! Period!


Everyone who knows about marketing and sales psychology knows that Time and Money are the easiest excuses most people use. They are never the real reason for people saying no.
There is no such a thing having no time and no money when something is really important for us.
If you REALLY, REALLY want to change something in your life, you will find the time and the money.

Remember, Time and Money are NEVER the real reason for you not taking a step forward.


I know I might have sounded a bit too harsh before. However, I’m telling you this from my own experience. I’ve been there… many times… Unfortunately!
Yes, I postponed amazing opportunities for growth in my life because I was afraid of the responsibility, I was afraid of the commitment, I was afraid of the results…

What? Afraid of the results? 
Yes. Many people are afraid of growing. For several different reasons.

Marianne Williamson, a renown spiritual leader, once said, “it is our light not our darkness that frighten us most. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.“
Yes, I’ve been there. It took me many years of denial of my own greatness. Many years of avoiding acknowledging my true talents and allowing myself to grow and shine. 
I was afraid of my own light!
I had to hit rock-bottom to be able to rise.
And, I’m here now, to tell you that, you too have a special talent that no one else has. And, the world needs you and your talent. 
It may sound far-fetched, but your voice matters! Trust me.

I have started a decade ago. A decade ago I found my voice. And since then, my mission, my purpose, is to help others just like you to FIND, OWN and UNLEASH their voices. 

Let me share with you what brought me here…

Finding My Voice

The International Economic crisis hit the world in 2008, and demolished my own world in 2009. When, by that time, I had a Brazilian Jewellery store in the heart of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. People all over world panicked with the situation and in Spain they stopped buying even food! 
Therefore, who would need jewellery?
From one day to another, I had no customers, I had no sales, the bills were piling up, everything started going downhill and I got paralised without knowing what to do.

To the world, I was the strong and smiley "lady in high heels". I wanted to show that no matter what, I was going to overcome the crisis ordeal. And, as always, my problems were my business. Therefore, I kept my situation secret, no one needed to know anything about it.
But, inside, I was shattered! I knew I needed support, however, I was not capable of asking. I was too ashamed of myself. I was broke. I was a failure. I had put myself into that situation, so I had to find the way out on my own. It was nobody's business. Not even my family knew what I was going through.

A close friend, the only one who knew the reality of my situation, one day came to me and said, "Tulia, I don't know if I admire you, or if I think you are absolutely insane! The world is falling apart around you, and you keep showing up, in high heels, and smiling!"

It was devastating! I was in serious trouble, however, I was too embarrassed of making it publicly that had failed. That I was a failure! I didn't want anybody to know that. 

During that turmoil, books became my refuge. I immersed myself in reading everything that would give me a slightest hint of hope out of my situation. I was looking for answers. I kept asking myself, "what have I done to myself?", "how can I get out of this mess?" 
I found a job in IT to pay my bills, while bridging to something else, something more fulfilling. But what? I couldn't even sponsor myself for an extra education, or alike. I was living from scraps, literally! I felt really, really stuck! And the feeling of being ashamed of myself was haunting me everywhere... it was hard to cope with… it was hard to keep my head up.

I believe that books have a "call". They call you when you need to learn the lessons they have within. And that was confirmed to me when I came across the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. I had bought that book several years before but had never read it. Then one day, "looking for answers" I found it in my library, and BANG! It hit me on my core when I came across something Stephen's repeats over and over throughout the book…

How profound! 
Despite my current situation at that time, I had successful records and a strong reputation throughout my path, however, I realised that I had distanced myself from my own voice. In fact, I started wondering "what is my own voice in the first place?" "What is the message I want to share with the world?" "What is the legacy I want to leave?" "What is my genius?"

I continued my daily life juggling between screaming suppliers who wanted to get paid, trying to sell all the remaining goods in my store before closing, working in the IT company part-time to survive, and pretending I had all under control, while looking for a way out of my mess…

Through a friend, I was introduced to Toastmasters International, which is a not-for-profit organisation focused on communication and leadership development.
From the beginning, I got hooked. It was my scapegoat from my messy professional environment.
However, the more I got involved, something profound started happening...
I discovered the power of my voice. I discovered that my story mattered. The story I was trying to hide from everyone, because I felt like a failure, was in fact a powerful tool to help others to overcome their hurdles. I understood that my tragic story could impact positively the life of other people! 

By June 2009, I closed my store and the gradual improvement of my finances led me to invest on trainings, coaching and mentorship programs to expand my knowledge. My enthusiasm with my new learnings led me to start sharing my knowledge with others; first informally, and later, formally. 
And, in early 2010 I proudly transitioned to becoming a communication, presentation and public speaking trainer.
I discovered how having a clear message was THE KEY between building high quality relationships, attracting more clients, generating more revenue, achieving my desired goals, or the contrary. 

My biggest discovery was that in every training I gave to others, every speech I presented, every time I shared my story (like I'm doing it here right now) it helped me heal myself and tap into my true purpose. I felt I had Stephen's Covey at the back of my head constantly saying… 

My tragic experience of going down the hole helped me to find my voice. The transition to becoming a professional speaker and trainer, helped me to find my true talent (my genius) which is the ability to help others to find theirs. The skills I've learned throughout the process helped me to create programs and systems to help my clients to find their own voices so they can put their gifts into service and propel their careers and businesses.

Since 2014, my mission became to bring more women's voices to stages globally, so they can impact the lives of many and become active influencers in their communities and environments.

Today, my greatest satisfaction is when I see "my people, my ladies" owning the stage with confidence and authenticity, making themselves visible to the world and sharing their gifts with grace and grit. 

With the certainty that, they also, finally, found their voices. 

Now it is time to you to find yours.

Tulia Lopes

What these gifted women have to say about their experience with me...

Monique Blokzyl 
Founder Business Launch Portal

"I have shared the stage with Tulia several times and I have to say that Tulia is not only a brilliant speaker, and dancer, on stage, she is also an outstanding event organiser.
Tulia knows how to turn the AWE Summits memorable events in all aspects, from bringing the perfect speaker, MC and entertainer mix together, to filling the room with an enthusiastic audience, to keeping the energy high in the room at all times. She knows how to build a powerful team to make it all happen, how to connect women in many ways and how to make her AWE Summit circle a very special place to be. 
Thanks Tulia, I look forward to many more opportunities to work together in the future."

Mahima Klinge 
Founder Mahima Mindset

"Tulia is one super emotionally intelligent, powerful, focused and heart-centered woman. She is a joy to work with, as she really knows how to roll up her sleeves and make things happen.
Her project the AWE Summit is a fantastic platform for women to come together and lift each other in the deepest and most empowering way.
I can highly recommend Tulia as a thriving businesswoman and an all-round stunning human being."

Aurelie Litynski
Founder Happitude at Work

"With Tulia and her Academy system, I not only learned how to structure my message efficiently but as well how to say it with more impact. I have incorporated and used the techniques every time I am in contact with my prospects, network or clients. Either for an elevator speech or to explain my "why" and my services or to write my speeches. 
The content matched perfectly with my needs and I felt connected with Tulia from the beginning. I believe getting along with your mentor is extremely important, it will bring much better results."
Tulia Lopes
"I'm a creator, if I don't find a door, I build one!"
As a Communication Architect, I help professionals (like you) to build a solid foundation for their communication and leadership skills so they can exude confidence, authority, credibility, become more promotable and position themselves as experts in their fields. 
In a world where the attention span is constantly reducing, being able to grab the audience's attention became a serious challenge and can not be taken for granted.
I will help you to:
  • Communicate with clarity and authenticity, whether in front of your team, your client, your supervisor, and any audience
  • Craft effective presentations that will ignite action
  • Accelerate your career or business by becoming a sought-after speaker
Find Your Voice!
So, ladies and gentlemen, no more excuses!
If you are serious about becoming a voice in your market, 
roll up your sleeves and let’s get dirty!
let’s grow together in 2020!
Get ready for this AWESOME opportunity
From Seat to Speak 7-Day Challenge

Total Value: 537 euros

NOW: 97 euros

Here is What You Will Get When You Join This Program
From Seat to Speak 7 Day Challenge
Think of a puzzle! 
Each day you will learn a topic which will cover a key area of preparing you to become an outstanding presenter. 
Each topic will build on the previous one. 
At the end of the 7th day, you will have completed the puzzle and will see a new picture in front of you. 

It won’t take too much of your time, 30 to 45 min approximately for each video session. And you will be able to implement the learnings immediately!

How cool is that?

Here is what you will learn

Day 1
Build a Foundation - (re)Define your values, mission and vision
Bring more clarity to your life and business.

Even if you have done it before, revisiting your values, mission and vision will help you to reassess if your life, your career, your business are on track as you expect.

I honestly recommend everyone to revisit theirs every 6 months. 
Day 2
Presence - Become aware of how you come across, and how to make it more effective so you can exude authority and credibility.
Here are some questions you should ask often to yourself:
  • Am I coming across the way I want?
  • Do I create an impact which is aligned with my intention?
  • Am I good at building rapport and engaging my audience, or my team?
It takes a fraction of a second for people to scan you and give their score based on their perception. We can't change the way they think, however, we can make sure that our presence is aligned with our core values. Therefore, whatever is the way people perceive you, you are confident that it was the way you want them to do so.
Day 3
Presentation Planning - Learn the seven steps on how to outline a concise structure for an effective presentation, so your audience will be willing to learn more from you. In other words, bring more business to your business.

No more death by powerpoint!

Day 4
Speech Craft - Discover the key elements to craft a compelling presentation. 
  • What makes a presentation or talk compelling and unforgettable?
  • What are the key elements of a great story?
  • Why should we all learn how to tell stories?
Make sure you hook your audience to every word you say from the beginning, and become that magnetic person who knows how to touch people feelings and move them into action. 
Day 5
Your Intention versus Your Impact
The way you express your ideas, thoughts, the words you use, and when, will define how you are perceived as an influencer and as a leader. 
True leadership is mastered by example. The core to an effective leadership is an effective communication. 
Align your intentions with your impact to you can walk your talk
Day 6
Master Stage Mapping - Understand the mechanics of how to own the stage so you can present with confidence and authenticity.
From the room's setup to how you position yourself in front of your audience, every detail is relevant for the success of your presentation or talk.
Day 7
Going PRO - Learn the fundamentals of the speaking business so you can start planning to bring your message to the world. 
Stage time is ideal to bring visibility to your business, to yourself as an expert, and to build your credibility and authority.
Becoming a professional speaker needs planning and strategic steps.

The speaking business IS a business!

If you want to embrace this path, I'll show you how.
The Speak Up Network Membership
This membership platform goes beyond a typical Facebook group.
As a member of this network you will,
  • Learn the latest trends in the speaking market
  • ​Have access to an international network of speakers who are always happy to support others to move forward
  • ​Be invited to our events with a special rate
  • ​Have the opportunity to share your knowledge with the community in a live webinar 
  • ​Learn and ask questions in our monthly group calls
And, on this page only, I'm going to include some cool bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Bonus #1  How Women Decide 
How Women Decide Video Series 
Based on the book by Therese Huston

This book brings different perspective and challenging views on how women decide. I personally found it quite interesting and an eye opener.
A must-read to everyone who cares about building better relationships to achieve better results.
I liked it so much that I decided to create a video series analysing its main concepts.
A gift for you!
Bonus #2  Effective Presentation Tips
My Effective Presentation Tips

Back to the basics.
No matter how skilled we become, in any area in life, we must, now and then, go back to the basics to make sure we still have the strong foundations we once build.

My Effective Presentation Tips will make sure you are always on track.
Bonus #3  Words That Connect
Words That Connect - For a Female Audience

Yes, there are words that connect more with women, than with men.
And, you, everyone, should not only be aware of that, but learn some of them.
In this document you will find a list of words that I have collected throughout the years which are most likely to bond with a female audience.
Feel free to add yours, and hey, I'll be happy to learn what are your choices.
You have something valuable to share!
Even if you don’t believe in it right now, there is someone, somewhere out there, who needs to hear exactly what YOU have to say, who needs to learn from the experiences 
ONLY YOU can share.
we are not in this planet on holiday! 
Each of us have a purpose. 
It is time for you to Awake the Speaker in you.

limited time offer!

From Seat to Speak 7-Day Challenge

Total Value: 537 euros

NOW: 97 euros

Here is the 
“I Lost My Mind Guarantee”

Try the ENTIRE AMAZING OFFER for 30 FULL days, risk free! 
Watch the videos, download the handouts, and bonuses... 
After completing all of those, if you feel like this isn't the greatest training of it's kind, I'll send you all your money back.

That's right. All you need to do is to email me with your receipt with the title “I Lost My Mind" and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

No weird hoops to jump through. No forms to fill out.
Does it Sound Like a Deal?

To refresh your memory, here is what you will get...
After the From Seat to Speak 7-Day Challenge you will

  • have (re)defined your values, mission and vision. And with that, be able to bring more clarity to your life and business
  • become aware of how you come across, and how to make it more effective so you can exude authority and credibility
  • ​be able to outline a concise structure for an effective presentation, so your audience will be willing to learn more from you. In other words, more possibilities of business
  • ​discover the key elements to craft a compelling presentation. Making sure you hook your audience to every word you say from the beginning
  • ​define clear intentions and the desired impact
  • ​understand the mechanics of how to own the stage so you can present with confidence and authenticity
  • ​learn the fundamentals of the speaking business so you can start planning to bring your message to the world
By now you know that… 
  • Effective communication is key to success
  • Knowledge without execution doesn’t lead to anything
  • It is not what you say, it is how, when and to whom!
Foremost, you have a mission in this planet. 
Let me help you to 

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • From Seat to Speak 7 Day Online Challenge  (297 euros)
  • Speak Up Network 6-Month Membership (180 euros)
  • ​Amazing Bonus How Women Decide Video Series (Free)
  • ​Amazing Bonus Effective Presentation Tips (Free)
  • Amazing Bonus Words That Connect Compilation (Free)
Total Value: 537 euros
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only 97 euros
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